Pet doors

Give your pets the freedom they need

If you’re tired of getting up to let your cat and dog out at all times of the night and day, a pet door is the answer. Pet doors help give your furry family members the freedom to come and go as they please, leaving you free to get on with more important stuff.

And if your pet is still struggling to learn the ins and outs of toilet training, a pet door could save you from a lot of annoying little accidents. If you want to take your pets to work, we’re happy to install pet doors at your place of business too.

We assist you in choosing the most appropriate dog or cat door, from a wide range of options. We’re happy to supply the pet door, or if you have your own doggy door, we can just look after the installation.

Pet door

Handy Tip

Spend some time showing your dog or cat how to use the door. Try leaving treats just outside to tempt them through!

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