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The Glassurance® programme is designed to assess and improve glass compliance to Australian standards in homes and workplaces around the country.

The programme starts with a detailed examination of every pane of glass on the premises, followed by a comprehensive report and an individualised plan for upgrading non-compliant glass to either meet or exceed the Australian Standards.

In technical terms Glassurance® is a glass compliance inspection progamme conforming to Australian Standard AS1288-2006 – in practical terms, it’s how we make your world a little safer

Glassurance® inspections usually take around an hour for an average size home. If the glass does need to be replaced, O’Brien® can schedule the work at a time to suit you ensuring minimal disruption to your busy schedule.

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Did you know?

Glass in older buildings may not be safe even though it met relevant standards at time of installation.
Compliance audit

Key locations where Glassurance® Compliance Audits are conducted:

  • Schools
  • Child Care centres
  • Aged care facilities
  • Body corporate
  • Local government
  • Universities
  • Office based business
  • Retail

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