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At O’Brien® we have a range of specialist film and tinting solutions for your home or business, which can offer a huge number of benefits. The right film or tinting can help reduce heat, glare and sun damage, provide privacy, add a decorative element or protect against graffiti.

We have a range colours and grades of film available. Using films or tints, not only enables you to protect your home or business, but also to improve the look of your glass far more affordably than a full-scale glass replacement.

Home window tinting for privacy

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Our range of tinting films

Home window tinting for bedrooms

Energy Star Solar Film

Block out harmful rays while enjoying the view. Energy Star Solar Film prevents up to 82% of solar heat entering your home. (The amount blocked varies by product.)

Business window tinting

Enerlogic Window Films

This innovative, advanced film gives you all the efficiency of a glazing upgrade to a clear window without the expense, inconvenience or environmental impact of a total window replacement.

Safety and security home tinting

Safety and Security Film

Strengthen your glass with this strong adhesive film that helps absorb impact and resist shattering.

Decorative home window tinting

Decorative Film

Transform your interior glass into exciting and practical works of art with our decorative film range. Change them every year for a new look!

Anti-graffiti window tinting

Anti Graffiti Film

Protect your home and business glass from malicious vandals with this invisible protective layer of sacrificial film, and save on unnecessary glass replacement.

For more information on tinting and film types please visit our tinting website or contact us on 1800 633 721

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