Keep cool this summer by reducing heat, UV rays and glare in your home or office, with O’Brien® ‘Energy Star Rated’ Solar Film.

With O’Brien® Solar Film you can enjoy:
  • A cooler home or office
  • Greater protection from damaging UV Rays
  • Increased daytime privacy on most solar films
  • Better energy efficiency, lowering energy costs
  • Reduced fading of carpets, curtains and furniture

It’s also great looking and enhances the way you enjoy your view.

Let an O’Brien® expert create the perfect tinting solution for you.

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Block out everything except your view

Block up to 82% of solar heat entering through the glass

Cut glare by up to 93% which helps reduce fading

Block a remarkable 99% of damaging UV rays

Window Energy Rated Scheme (WERS) star rated

Enhancing the way you live

Large expanses of glass in our homes and workplaces are becoming more popular as designers create a greater harmony between inside and outside spaces.

However, this can lead to dramatic energy-sapping heat, annoying glare, damaging ultra violet rays and a lack of privacy. The answer is O’Brien®’s premium range of ‘Energy Star Rated’ solar films.

These incredible performers block out everything except your view, preventing up to 82%** of solar heat from entering your home or workplace through the glass. This can mean a buildings energy efficiency can be improved and may help to reduce cooling expenses.

Our films also cut glare by up to 93%**, substantially reduce fading and block a remarkable 99% of harmful UV rays.

**Amount varies by product.
Tinting simulation for illustrative purposes only. Actual shade may vary by product.

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